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Meet the Changemakers

Team Spirit

With years of experience honing their craft at premier properties around the world and an irrepressible passion for crafting unforgettable experiences, our team of talented professionals is dedicated to ensuring every aspect of Club Ninety Six is unmatched.

Behind the Excellence

David Lecona

El Chef
David steps into a pivotal role, steering our culinary division and crafting the ultimate gastronomic experiences across all our outlets through menu design, quality assurance, and compliance with health safety certifications. 

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F&B Director
Irving, with an unyielding commitment to excellence and a fervent passion for team development, has been a cornerstone in our culinary journey since day one. 

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Fabian Ayon

F&B Manager

Meet Fabian Ayon, a dynamic professional whose culinary journey began in 2012 at Puerto Vallarta, where he thrived as a Restaurant Supervisor, cultivating a philosophy of teamwork and a deep love for service.

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Ariana Pacheco

Operations Manager

Ariana, affectionately known to our team as “Ari,” guides our stellar cleaning team toward our mission of absolute “CRISPNESS” across all facets of our operations. 

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Raúl Delgado

Human Resources Director
Meet Raúl Delgado, our Director of Human Resources, a visionary leader committed to aligning strong HR strategies with our global business development culture. With a focus on creating passionate and committed teams, Raúl excels in finding and developing the right talent while fostering career growth paths and challenges that keep the team focused, productive, and positive.

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Jorge Navarro

Finances Director
Jorge brings a wealth of experience in hotel accounting and finance, with a relentless focus on developing and maintaining successful internal controls and efficient procedures. Holding a Master's in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance from Universidad Tec Milenio, Jorge's dedication to operational efficiency and return on investment is evident in his extensive career.

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Ricardo Laverde

Director of Maintenance
A seasoned professional with a clear mission: to lead a robust and structured team dedicated to achieving operational excellence in any facility. 

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Cynthia Fernandez

Marketing Manager

Cynthia, a vibrant addition to our team, brings her expertise in public relations, design, media, and content creation to the forefront of our community's visual and social identity.

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Selene Martinez

Executive Assistant to General Manager
Selene, a vital member of our team for over five years, has cultivated her career from the grassroots of F&B operations to become the integral backbone of the department. 

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Carlos Abaunza

General Manager
Carlos enriches our team with more than two decades of impressive experience in the hospitality sphere. 

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Best in Class

At the heart of our club are the people who make everything run so efficiently. We are deeply committed to their professional growth and value the process of developing our engaged and dedicated team through ongoing professional training and development.

Estrellas Del Mar

Recognition & Motivation

Club Ninety Six’s Estrellas Del Mar program is an innovative staff recognition and development initiative, designed to celebrate outstanding performance and encourage continuous improvement among team members. By fostering a culture of excellence and teamwork, the program enhances internal team dynamics and significantly elevates the club member experience.

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Current Winners

Club Ninety Six is proud to announce the latest recipients of the prestigious Estrellas Del Mar award: David Osorio, excelling in the front of the house, and Guillermo Duran, leading the way in the back of the house. Their exceptional contributions embody the spirit of excellence and teamwork that the program celebrates. Congratulations to David and Guillermo for setting a remarkable standard of service and commitment!

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