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Market 96

Your Grab & Go Shop

Stop by to pick up an avocado toast or a breakfast burrito and make sure you order a fresh Purple Berry smoothie, too. Market 96 is your one-stop shop for deliciously satisfying meals that will curb your appetite and keep you on the move.

Hours of Operation

8AM - 6PM

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What's In The Market?

In addition to prepared meals and a full breakfast menu you can enjoy on the open terrace, Market 96 carries an array of goods to elevate your culinary game. Keep your kitchen stocked with organic fruit, produce, fresh salads, and other meal-prep ingredients that will help you out in a pinch.

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What's In The Market?

We also have Club Ninety Six merchandise and we showcase a clothing and accessories line from Lago Cabo boutique featuring emerging designers from Perú, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and, of course, Mexico. Among other amazing brands. Plus convenience products from SunBum.

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