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Wellness at Club Espíritu

Self-Care Sanctuary

Your journey to serenity and strength continues at Club Espíritu, where rigorous fitness and serene relaxation reign. Engage your muscles with cardio and strength-building exercises while basking in views of the Sea of Cortez. Then, make time to unwind and recharge with our extensive menu of spa treatments — available in one of our spa cabins or within the comfort of your own villa. Additional amenities include a steam room, sauna, and heated outdoor hot tub.

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Spa & Fitness Center Hours | Summer Schedule

7 am - 3 pm 

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Pickleball Courts

Keep your pickleball game sharp with weekly clinics and friendly matches. Contact the Club Espíritu concierge at clubespiritu@clubninetysix.com or +1 (52) 624 163 7171 159 to reserve any of the four courts behind the club — 48-hour advanced notice is recommended.

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Certified Trainers

At Club Espíritu, our certified trainers offer a diverse and enriching fitness experience tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of each member. From energizing dance classes and high-performance training to expert Pilates sessions, balancing yoga classes, and martial arts expertise, each trainer brings a specialized set of skills. Our passionate team is dedicated to your physical and mental wellness journey.

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Group Classes

Discover the perfect blend of fitness and fun in our weekly wellness classes at Club Espíritu. From tranquil yoga flow practice and lively Zumba sessions to beginner-friendly tennis clinics and restorative Pilates, our classes are tailored to invigorate body and mind, offering a well-rounded experience that will keep you active and engaged.

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Up for a game of tennis? Just head to the courts located at Espíritu Park. To use either of the courts, schedule your time directly with the Club Espíritu concierge, making sure you give sufficient advanced notice. Please contact clubespiritu@clubninetysix.com 
or call +1 (52) 624 163 7171 159.


Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes are currently not available. Our regular schedule will be returning for our next season. Stay tuned for updates. Should you like to book a private session with our certified trainers, please contact our Club Espiritu Concierge.